A new suite of WeDispatch features are now live!

If you’re reading this, you’ve just seen a few changes on the WeDispatch dashboard! Here’s a summary of what’s new:

- This What’s New page! We will keep adding important new features here so you can check what you have missed, and so you can comment on any features that you love (or don’t love).

- Toggle a driver to unavailable manually from the driver list. If drivers forget to go offline, it makes the Available drivers filter less useful. Now you can set the filter, and manually toggle off any drivers that shouldn’t be working.

- Improvements to the online/offline indicator. Previously we used a combination of the driver indicating that they were available and an inactivity timeout to determine whether a driver was online. This has proven hard to get right, so now a driver’s availability is based entirely on whether their app is set to “Available”.

- Added whatsapp link to the driver list. Many of you are using WhatsApp to chat with your drivers. If you’re using WhatsApp desktop this button will automatically bring up a chat with the driver.

- Added the ability to edit a sites dispatcher and campaign: those of you working with multiple vendors and managing sites through the API will note the new ability to manage templates for each site. Stay tuned for better linking between sites and vendor forms!

- Improved page load times

- Improved the way we calculate job risk and added 2 levels of risk (red/yellow): you will have noticed that a while back we started trying to help you identify jobs that needed your attention. We are planning significant ongoing development work on this feature to help you reduce errors and spend time focusing on the tasks that matter.

- Moved job list search and filtering from the navbar to the job list to clean things up.

- Phone number is now visible on the driver list

- When a job and driver are selected the selected job is highlighted differently to the drivers other jobs. In a recent change we made it easier to predict an ETA for a job by highlighting all of the jobs a driver has when you click on a job that is assigned to that driver. Unfortunately that made it a bit tricky to see which of the stops were for the job you actually clicked on, but now the job you clicked is blue to make it easier to spot on the map.

- Added an event feed: in case you missed something, scroll back down the list to see what has happened recently.