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Spatula credit never expires, and you choose when to top up and the top up amount. Your account is charged per job you create.  All prices in USD.


STREAMLINE Feature set - 10 cents

A basic WeDispatch implementation gives you powerful tools for improving the way you manage your delivery operations.

  • Track drivers in realtime

  • Manage and assign jobs from the web dashboard

  • Put dispatch on auto-pilot by offering jobs to appropriate drivers

  • Unlimited job dispatch policy settings

  • iOS and Android Driver app

  • Manage sites, users and driver pools to improve resource sharing and control visibility

  • Vendor Management

Engagement Features - A Le Carte pricing

The power of WeDispatch goes beyond managing your operations, to creating superior customer experience and richer brand engagement with your customers. You create your desired customer interaction by designing a customised ‘Campaign’. You can then apply a campaign when you create a job and the price of that job will be increased according to the features you choose, based on the table below:

Campaign features


Charged per

Driver tracking page custom car icon, map design and brand colours 10 c

Job created

Send SMS

7 c

SMS Segment Sent
(longer SMS may increase cost)

Customised SMS template

6 c

Job created

Add embedded promotional content or banner advert

6 c

Job created

Phone number masking 10 c Call/SMS between driver and customer
  • Streamline
  • 10 c
  • Track drivers live
  • Assign jobs to drivers
  • Put job dispatch on auto-pilot
  • iOS and Android Driver App
  • Vendor management
  • Connect
  • 20 c
  • Everything in Streamline
  • 'On my way' SMS
  • Simple branding
  • Customer driver tracking
  • Concierge Zapier integrations
  • Engage
  • 30 c
  • Everything in Connect
  • Pro tracking page branding
  • Select tracking map design
  • Add promotions to tracking page
  • Priority customer service