What about starting an outsourced food delivery business? (Part 2)

There are some disadvantages in being involved in this but one of the great bits about being at outsourced food delivery company is that it's quite easy to get up and running and you can do so on a small scale because you don't have the same requirement of having a network effect that you do if you want to be a two or three-sided marketplace.

Let's just look at the challenge that we've got.

What to start a food delivery company? Here's the lay of the land

The food delivery sector has become a very significant part of the restaurant business. And there are a huge number of players coming into the market and some great opportunities all over the place for actually starting your own business or extending your own capabilities to take advantage of these trends.

In this post we'll talk about the different functions that make up the food delivery space and give some examples of the players in each space.