On Demand Economy

Restaurants - take back the relationship with you customers

I'd like to propose that you also want to be doing the delivery, so rather than being in either one of those, you actually want to be in here and doing all of those things yourself. Why do I say that? The delivery itself is a terrific opportunity to own the relationship with the customer, so it doesn't matter where they buy from. That's when they're waiting for their food, that's when they are hungry and that's when they're going to be looking at a live driver tracking page and really paying attention.

What about starting an outsourced food delivery business? (Part 2)

There are some disadvantages in being involved in this but one of the great bits about being at outsourced food delivery company is that it's quite easy to get up and running and you can do so on a small scale because you don't have the same requirement of having a network effect that you do if you want to be a two or three-sided marketplace.

Let's just look at the challenge that we've got.

What about starting an outsourced food delivery business?

So why would anyone want to use this kind of a service? Well, for one thing if you're a smaller restaurant down here in the preparation game, whether your orders are coming from a platform or whether you're making the sales yourself, whether or not it's worthwhile you making your own deliveries really depends on how many deliveries you're getting. Because you don't have economies of scale, you don't necessarily have that big of a team, so it becomes just a logistical headache that you get and it's not really a profit centre for you because you don't know how many people that you need.

Send this SMS and your customers will love you

Send this SMS and your customers will love you

Does your business deliver products or services to people at home? It's the one time when you are almost guaranteed to have your customer's full attention, yet many businesses stumble in the last mile leaving customers feeling frustrated and powerless while they wait for you to show up - and it's time we fixed that!

Here's what your delivery team needs to learn from the on-demand economy

When Uber announced that their delivery service - Uber Rush - would graduate from experiment to mainstream, traditional couriers got a wake up call. Uber Eats, Deliveroo and others are changing the food delivery game and there are a host of other examples in every industry that delivers. With slick delivery software and bundles of cash behind them, it's no surprise that business as usual is changed forever. Some are questioning whether even delivery juggernauts like Fedex are immune from disruption