What about starting an outsourced food delivery business? (Part 2)

In the last video, we started talking about what's involved in being an outsourced food delivery company and we sort of looked at the possible advantages. There are some disadvantages in being involved in this but one of the great bits about being at outsourced food delivery company is that it's quite easy to get up and running and you can do so on a small scale because you don't have the same requirement of having a network effect that you do if you want to be a two or three-sided marketplace.

Let's just look at the challenge that we've got.

You've got orders coming in from a whole lot of different places. You've got Grubhub. You've got website. You might have Eat24 or Yelp. I don't like to go through them all but you get the idea. There's a whole bunch of different platforms and different places that these can come from. Then, what you need to do is to make it easy for these to get their way into the hands of a driver. What we do is to help people connect using some kind of integrations in here and then get them all into Spatula and then off to drivers and then obviously, off to the customer.

The question is, what happens in the circle here? You either need to integrate with every single one of those systems and, let me tell you, that's going to be a pain so don't think about trying to get direct integrations with everything. What you need is some combination of mail parsers and there's a great system called mailparser.io. You're welcome, guys. I'll put some links in the comments down below. What that's great for is receiving order confirmations from e-mail, things like Eat24 or Grubhub or websites or a lot of things will send an e-mail confirmation and Mailparser will let you extract structured data out of that plain e-mail. I’ll make a separate video separately if anyone needs some instructions on how to use that or I'm sure Mailparser have their own.

Then, you can otherwise use … or once you've got that structured data, you need a way of transforming it into something else. There's a system called Zapier. Yeah, you guys are also welcome, zapier.com and that'll enable you to use the structured data or the data from all these other places and connect it to your other systems including Spatula. The Spatula delivery system that we make is integrated with Zapier which means anything that you can connect to Zapier can be a source of jobs and there's a whole range of tools for getting things done.

Let's talk about this. Grubhub might send an order e-mail confirmation. You pass it through Mailparser to extract the data, then you use Zapier to turn that incoming e-mail instantly into a new job in Spatula and then, Spatula will notify your drivers that there's a delivery on order, enable you to manage who's doing which job track, where your drivers are. Your drivers say they're on the way and your customers receive live driver tracking just like they would from really big guys, really easy.

Before you've set up Mailparser, not all of the orders are going to come through something you've already got in place. You might also like to give the restaurants a particular place just to type them in. If they get one over the phone and they want to order them, so what you can do is to then use a different system called Google Forms or the one I like to use is called JotForm. You're welcome. That's just a form builder tool, so then you can create a form hosted on a website. It's actually very easy to publish those online and provide it some sort of a tablet or the restaurants can use their phone on their own, your computer or whatever and transfer those job form submissions through zapier.com again after Spatula and you can manage the whole process.

The tech is all actually there. Most people have solved … Other people have solved the problems for you so all you have to do is recruit drivers and recruit restaurants and do a commercial deal and then work out where all the orders are coming from in terms of your particular restaurants and give them ways of getting those orders through to your system in to Spatula and then Spatula will let you manage the drivers and the relationship with the customer really quite easily. The technical bit is not going to be the challenge. Again, the challenge is do you have to get-go to go and recruit restaurants mostly? You can start by making the deliveries yourself.

This is one of the easier ways to get up and running in business. There are some people who you can be connected to help you solve some of the more technical problems. You can contact us for some of the tech. You can contact the guys over at Food Cab who are more than willing to get involved in helping you set things up and yeah, so I hope this makes sense. We’re going to have a look in the next video at just the other side of the equation, just being in the ordering side. If you've got any questions, put them below. Otherwise, we will see you in the next video.