Spatula and Ontray integration reconnects restaurants with their customers, and their profit

A new integration between Spatula and Philadelphia-based restaurant ordering platform Ontray gives restaurants the power to take back ownership of their relationship with customers from online order right through to delivery.

Don’t be an item on someone else’s menu.
— Tyler Wiess, CEO Ontray

Restaurants' relationship with their customers has been under attack for years in the competitive food home delivery space. First their were food aggregation websites, giving customers a convenient way to order food in an indirect way - with the middle man taking a cut along the way. More recently, delivery apps have taken the food aggregation problem a step further by adding delivery. This has effectively left restaurants as the kitchen for someone else's business, with the delivery service owning the customer relationship at the point of sale and at the point of delivery.

Ontray is beautiful online ordering software on a mission to give control of online ordering back to the restaurant industry. With no setup cost and a far lower cost per sale, this gives restaurants a chance to increase their profit dramatically for the same sales volume. 



Spatula provides the driver and delivery management tech that helps restaurants deliver more efficiently, and provide a delightful, branded, last mile live tracking experience. The tracking link can also link the customer back to the restaurant's Ontray page through promotions within the tracking page itself, completing the loop and giving restaurants the maximum opportunity to increase their margins and engage with customers and build brand loyalty.

Ontray also let's restaurants or outsourced delivery services form a marketplace, combining several restaurant options into a single page for customers to search by location, just like the big food aggregation apps - only without the big fee. Californian delivery service Chow Caddie is the first service to combine the benefits of Ontray and Spatula and the service has proved a great success, with restaurants clamouring to sign up to the service.