WeDispatch Features

The features below are categorised by the packages described on the pricing page


The streamline package provides you with the tools to manage a team of drivers in a more efficient, transparent way. This base service only costs USD 8 cents per job to help you improve the way you manage a mobile workforce.

iOS and Android Driver App

Your drivers download the WeDispatch driver app for receiving job offers, job instructions and updating the progress of jobs. See the driver app section below for more details of features of the app.


Track Your Drivers Live

The WeDispatch driver app continuously sends location updates to the WeDispatch admin portal, so you can see your drivers on a map, get a birds-eye view of your whole fleet, and make real-time decisions.


Filter & Sort the Jobs List

View all of your jobs in the job list and on the map. Search and filter jobs and driver list for easy oversight of your whole operation


Assign jobs to drivers

Decide which driver should receive which job, and send them out instantly via drag and drop or clicking the assign button. Shift-click multiple jobs on the map or in the job list to assign multiple jobs at once.


Put job dispatch on auto-pilot

Create sophisticated sets of policies to automatically assign the right deliveries to the right driver at the right time. Each job is assigned an automatic 'Dispatcher', and each Dispatcher is made up of as many policies as you like. Each policy that you add will select a pool of drivers to be offered the job based on their proximity, which team they are in and how many incomplete jobs they already have. Add a delay to each policy so that over time a new job is offered to a growing pool of drivers until someone accepts. You might like to prioritise certain drivers over others for a variety of reasons:

  • drivers that don't have any jobs yet

  • drivers that are closer to the pickup

  • reward your best performing or highest rated drivers

  • internal team members versus contractors

  • client drivers, so you can provide an overflow driver service

  • prioritise vehicle types for certain types of jobs



View and edit driver routes, or use our 1-click suggested route feature to reduce drive times using the Google Maps API


Vendor Management

The Vendors module allows you to set up an online delivery request form for your customers or individual outlets. Set up delivery fee zones and customer line items so that the form can double as a customer cost calculator. The form is a stand alone URL that you can embed on your website or provide directly to Vendors for them to access via a tablet. The jobs created automatically include the correct pickup address. 


Jobs Report

Get insight into your operation through the jobs report. Drill down by date or job attributes to uncover insights about particular drivers, vendors or product types and identify trends by time of day, day of week and over time. 


CSV Download

If you need further analysis, download your filtered jobs report as a CSV file for analysis in your favourite spreadsheet program or for import into BI or other software.



Code-free integration with popular apps using Zapier. WeDispatch also provides you with a custom email inbox for automatically importing common ordering system confirmation emails as new WeDispatch jobs. This currently supports GrubHub and Eat24 emails. Open, RESTful API lets you take a step further to customise your experience and fast-track your system development



The 'Connect' package includes all of the features of Streamline detailed above. Adding the ‘Connect’ set of features to your WeDispatch account will give your customers an interactive experience during delivery to improve the customer experience and reduce customer phone calls. This feature set costs USD 19 cents per job.


Customer Driver Tracking

Give your customers the ability to track the driver live through a driver tracking page.


Simple Branding

The tracking page is a generic design but can include your logo


Engagement Report

The customer driver tracking is tracked through the custom URL created for each tracking link. Through this report you can see which of your drivers are clicking the ‘On My Way’ button to trigger your SMS, and how often the customer is opening the tracking page.


'On My Way' SMS

Once you turn on the Connect features, you will be able to send a custom SMS to your customer when the driver clicks the 'On My Way' button. This SMS can include a link to the live driver tracking page.



The 'Engage' package includes all of the features of Streamline, and all of the features of Connect detailed above. Historical data shows that over 50% of customers will open the live tracking link to see when they will arrive. On average, those who open the tracking link spend around 5 minutes looking at it! This creates a tremendous opportunity to engage with your customers, build your brand, cross-sell other products, ask for referrals or promote special offers and coupons. The full suite of features costs USD 28 cents per job.

Pro Tracking-page Branding

Configure the look and feel of the tracking page with custom colouring and fonts (full CSS control)


Select Tracking Map Design

In addition to branding the look and feel of the page overall, match the design of the Google Map itself to the appropriate look and feel for your brand.


Add Promotions to Tracking Page

This gives you the ability to add a clickable image beneath the live driver tracking. You provide an image and URL. Some example ways to use this image are:

  • Display a coupon for a special offer that links to a landing page for the special offer

  • Display an advert for a complimentary product or service and a link to a landing page for that product or service

  • Display an image offering coupons in return for referral to friends and families and link to your referral program

  • Display an advert for an upcoming event and link to the event page

  • Display an advert for you new ordering app and link to the app store


Run Multiple Tracking Link Campaigns

This feature allows you to design multiple tracking link pages and configure different designs for different vendors or on a job by job basis. Some example applications of this feature are:

  • Set a different tracking link for different job sources – eg add a coupon to tracking links for food orders coming from a paid ordering platform to encourage the next order to come from your own website

  • Provide a delivery service to multiple vendors/brands and have every tracking link branded to your customers brand

  • Allow one of your Vendors to cross-sell another product or service without affecting other Vendors.


Driver App - Included Free

Our driver app, WeDispatch Driver, is available for Android and iOS. The app is feature packed, easy for drivers to learn and is included for free with every WeDispatch account. Click here for an intro video. The below items are features of the driver app.


Task List

See all your tasks for the day in the order they need to be done, with simple intuitive actions

Add Photos

Snap photos of left goods or happy customers with 1 click and attach to the job

Sign On Glass

Collect customer signatures for each task by getting them to sign directly in the app

Instant Updates, no 'refresh rate'

Instant push updates mean you never have to refresh your screen to see new tasks or details

Contact Customer

Call or SMS the customer with one tap from within the driver app

Set Reminders

Set native calendar reminders for pre-booked jobs so you never miss a booking

One-Click Navigation

Link directly to Google maps for instant navigation from your current location to the next stop

Add Notes

Add customer or private notes to the job